Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ponder, Seek, Discover

This little poem and the accompanying oil painting were both inspired by the excellent books of Dynamical Chaos theorist and computer scientist, Ben Goertzel: The Structure of Intelligence; The Evolving Mind; Chaotic Logic; From Complexity to Creativity; The Hidden Pattern. I highly recommend all of them!

The Contemplative
by Wes Hansen Copyright full rights reserved

Ponder this …
Life is just a Stream,
Thought, in Mind Divine,
It moves beyond Perception
Where time, collapsed, remains unknown.

Newly born Stars, Planets spinning,
Naught but New Ideas unfolding;
Plants and Animals, All of human consciousness,
Just a thread within the stream.

Inspiration comes, a Shock stirring the Nebulae,
Awakening potential, the birth of emergent form.

Cause becoming Effect, Effect becoming Cause,
a convoluted return to what has always been –
Infinity, boundless and eternal.

Scientific or Mystic, the approach matters not,
the conclusion, Universal, transcends Duality,
a Singularity giving birth to Thought Divine.

Relative stillness, demarcation unknown,
the result an Experience where
Time, collapsed, becomes Time Present.

Death and Re-birth, the slightest shift,
Awakens a New Paradigm. And yet,
Ancient and Perennial, It’s spoken of
often and Available to All.

Pure Heart, Pure Love …

Ponder …

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