Thursday, July 30, 2015

Liberating the Wanderers

Liberating the Wanders (Prismacolor on Watercolor paper)
by Wes Hansen Copyright all rights reserved

"Kyema! Out of unconscious karmic instinct I now wander in samsara. May the radiance of the primordial innate free me from all fear. O peaceful and wrathful deities, lead the way. O supreme consorts and great dakinis, hold me from behind. Show me how to cross the terrible path of the bardo. Point the way to the state of buddhahood itself.

When countless empty images appear as peaceful and wrathful forms, may the buddhas hold me with the hooks of their compassion. When the five great radiances arise, may I recognize them as my own mental projections. When the peaceful and wrathful deities appear, may I remain strong and without fear.

When the force of my own negative karma brings pain, may my mandala practice hold me free. When great thunderous sounds arise in the bardo, may I hear only om mani padme hum, the mantra of compassion.

May I rely upon Avalokiteshvara, Buddha of Compassion. May I rely upon samadhi, the meditation on inseparable bliss and void. May I see the five elements as friends, and not as enemies. May I see right now the realms of the five buddhas."

- from the Bardo Todol

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